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About MaryDean

How it Began

MaryDean Inc., founded in New  York, NY was born on the need for more modest clothing options for young Muslim women around the world, specifically Hijab's. Our founder began her professional career while attending college. She spent three years in the education field. Her passion for mentoring young adults was developed during her time in education. Upon completing school our founder entered the corporate world beginning a new career in accounting. Without ever forgetting her life-long dream MaryDean Inc. was founded during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Due to the high volume of unemployment, illness, and lack of resources MaryDean Inc. has dedicated 15% of all earnings to various charities across the world and the United States.

Our Mission & Commitment to You

Here at MaryDean we are dedicated to the consumer. Our success comes with fulfillment. If our products are not satisfying your needs, tell us! We will always try our best to fulfill your needs & wants. We will always go the extra mile to ensure that your experience is seamless and convenient. Here at MaryDean we are your friend. Your happiness and satisfaction is more important to us than our bottom line.

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